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Why can’t I find RiftGG for MacOS?

With release 3.0, launched on April 30 2019, RiftGG only provides support for Windows OS. If you want to download a previous version supporting MacOS, you can download it here, but please beware that this version will no longer be updated.

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RiftGG is the most complete tool for League of Legends. It allows you to check your Summoner Stats, gives you recommendations on what to use prior to playing, it records your match and creates highlights so you can share them with your community instantly.

You have to create an account in RiftGG, then download the software and it will ask you for your user and password. Simply put the same info from your account and voilà.

Open RiftGG, start playing LoL and we will take care of the rest. Record your LoL game without worrying about pressing the REC button!

After recording your match, RiftGG will automatically generate a playlist with your highlights and also, the highlights of everyone that participated in that match. Isn’t that cool?

Visit our Knowledge Center to find more info.

System requirements

Operating System Windows
Min. OS version Windows 7
CPU min. Intel Core i5 2nd generation
Recommended CPU Intel Core i7
RAM min. 4 Gb
Recommended RAM 4 Gb

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