LoL Recorder

Record your LoL matches with RiftGG’s Recording Studio. Start your LoL game and let RiftGG work its magic

How to record LoL games with RiftGG?

  1. Start RiftGG
  2. Start your LoL game
  3. RiftGG will automatically start recording your game
  4. When the game ends the recording will also stop

Once the recording is finished you can replay your LoL match and access all highlight and stats of your game from the Matches tab.


Records your match and when finished, it automatically syncs it to your Summoner’s match data


Recording Studio is an integrated tool part of RiftGG that allows you to record your League of Legends games while you play.

Open RiftGG, start playing LoL and Recording Studio Will take care of the rest. Record your LoL game without worrying about pressing the REC button!

Yes, the Recording Studio is a free feature inside RiftGG. To know more about RiftGG plans click here.

Windows 7, Intel Core i5 2nd generation 4Gb RAM

Once your League of Legends game is recorded with Recording Studio, RiftGG will collect the data from the game and will automatically generate your match Highlights

After you finished your game recording, you can select your best plays, render them and take the file to share it anywhere.

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