Update 1.4: working to give you the most complete analysis tool for League of Legends

June 20, 2018, 8:43 a.m.

Update 1.4: working to give you the most complete analysis tool for League of Legends

iftAnalyst keeps improving to adjust to your needs and become the only and most complete LoL analytics toolyou need to become a better player, and that’s why -drumroll- today we’re announcing our latest version: RiftAnalyst 1.4.

We’ve improved the look & feel of the app, but we’ve also added functionalities that provide you with more information about the champion that you’re playing with. For example, when you click on any champion from your most played champions in the My Profile window, you’ll see this champion’s win rate, who he’s strong or weak against, the recommended runes, spells, starting items, complete build and more. This way, you have more information to make wiser decisions whenever you chose a specific champion.

Check out the video on how to do this:

On this release, we’ve also improved the ‘Matches’ window. Now you will have better understanding of what happens in your matches in just one snapshot. Double click on each match if you want to make a more detailed LoL analysis.

Everyone likes to review their greatest game highlights; on the previous version of RiftAnalyst you could generate highlights for your Summoner, but now you can generate highlights for ANY summoner that was involved in the match. Simply go to the Highlights Playlist and right click on the Summoner that you want. In this video we show you how to do this:

Other than these, we’ve made a lot of improvements to RiftAnalyst’s look and feel so that your user experience keeps getting better and better.

Remember to contact us if you find any bumps along the way or if you have any ideas as of how we could improve RiftAnalyst, your LoL analytics tool: support@RiftAnalyst.com.

Happy farming!

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