Road to Worlds - SuperMassive

Sept. 27, 2018, 1:08 p.m.

Road to Worlds - SuperMassive

Bahçeşehir SuperMassive is one of the TCL’s most successful teams in recent years. Since 2016 when the team was founded, they’ve managed to make it to every single Finals in the Turkish Championship League.

Some known players that were part of its roster are Naru and Dumbledoge, the last one made famous for killing Faker with Janna during MSI 2015.

Despite their consistent performance, they had never won the Turkish Grand Finals. This year, Korean players GBM and SnowFlower helped SuperMassive break this curse.

GMB, their midlaner has playe don teams like CJ Entus Frost and Jin Air, playing as well on the EU and NA LCS. GMB, also known as G4nked by Mom, is known by his Orianna, who he started playing after watching Ambition playing her.
SnowFlower also played on the LCK, being a player for Afreeca Freecs and Jin Air.
On the toplane, fabFabulous, is a player that was acting as a coach when he joined SuperMassive. After being in Dark Passage and joining he was acting as a substitute toplaner while helping the coaching staff.

Beating Royal Bandits with a score of 3-1 in Finals, SUP earned the right to compete in the Worlds for the first time in the team’s history.

With a playstyle focused on giving resources to either mid or bottom lane, SuperMassive will have prove themselves against G2 Esports and Ascension Gaming to be able to qualify for the second part of the Play-In.

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