Road to Worlds - Gambit Esports

Sept. 20, 2018, 3:23 p.m.

Road to Worlds - Gambit Esports

Gambit Esports will return to Worlds after a four year break. The winner of the LCL (LoL Continental League) has secured an spot on the Play-In that will be played in Korea.

Gambit Esports is one of the known teams coming into the Play-In. This team has members with a large trajectory on League of Legends in Europe. DiamondProx and Edward (formerly known as Gosu Pepper) were two of the pilars of Moscow 5, a team who surprised everyone with their aggresive playstyle at IEM Katowice season 7, on 2013. Later on, Moscow 5 roster went to Gambit Gaming who played on EU LCS.

Gambit Esports was announced after Gambit Gaming sold their spot on EU LCS. Despite the roster changes from their roster on EU LCS DiamondProx was the first to go back to his former team and later on would be joined by Edward.

Throughout the year Gambit Esports has been dominating its region where they have proclamed champions of both splits.

The team centers its resources around its botlaner, Lodik, who gets 23,5% of the team’s gold income, letting shine his Kai’Sa and Ezreal.
With over a 70% of kill participation between botlane and jungle we can say that Gambit will play around their botlane now that the meta has shifted to an appropiate one for the marksmans. Edward, for his part, is mostly playing tanky supports that act as frontline or get enemies away from Lodik or engage allowing Lodik’s Kai’Sa to join the fight with Killer Instinct.

Kira, the midlaner who you might know from Albus KnoX Luna, has played 13 champions during this Split, becoming the player who has a wider champion pool over the region.

PVPStejos for it’s part plays tanks that allow peeling or initiate a fight and played few times more damage based champions like Gangplank or Jarvan VI. However we’ve seen some game with a Fiora, Irelia or Gangplank.

Gambit Esports is already on Korea, bootcamping as we can see on the video they uploaded on which we can see where they are living and training.

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