RiftAnalyst becomes Elevat's official analysis software

Feb. 22, 2018, 3:58 p.m.

RiftAnalyst becomes Elevat's official analysis software

We're very happy to announce that RiftAnalyst, has become the official software of Elevat Esports, first eSports academy in Valencia.

RiftAnalyst offers coaches, analysts and players functionalities that allow them to analyze their tactics and strategies in competitive videogames. It is also a powerful generator of unique and exclusive content for social media and audiovisual channels.

Elevat Esports offers continuous courses and bootcamps of League of Legends, Counter Strike, Hearhstone y Clash Royale, given by professional players and coaches, with the objective of helping them improve their gaming skills and prepare them for a professional future.

To get the most of the tool, Fluendo will train professors from Elevat eSports through on line and on-site classes. Elevat Esports will give a certificate to those students who take the course in videoanalysis for competitive games.

From Fluendo, and with RiftAnalyst, we contribute to the professionalization of eSports", says Mercè Delgado, CEO of Fluendo. “Thanks to this tool, amateur players can make an in-depth analysis of their team and their rivals, what helps to identify strenghts and weaknesses, learn from their achievements and get the best results".

Héctor Alemany, CEO and Cofounder of Elevat eSports, says “As the official software of the school, RiftAnalyst, will help students to improve and be more analytical on their game, allowing them to find and correct details. This tool is essential for the correct learning process of our students and will a key aspect on their training".

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