BIG update: LoL game recorder, exporting to excel, automatic highlights and more!

May 3, 2018, 2:16 p.m.

BIG update: LoL game recorder, exporting to excel, automatic highlights and more!

Coinciding with the first anniversary of the LoL tool, we've just released our new version 1.3 of RiftAnalyst. This new release represents RiftAnalyst's shift into an all-in-one LoL tool that offers endless possibilities. Our objective is that RiftAnalyst becomes the ONLY tool you need to record your LoL match, view your stats, analyze your performance in the most automated way, export to Excel, visualize your best gaming moments, and share LoL videos with your community.

Having said this, let’s start by telling you what you’ll find in RiftAnalyst 1.3:

  • Recording Studio: The thing we’re the most excited about is a tab called Recording Studio, which will automatically record your League of Legends game. Bear in mind that this new feature is in BETA, this means that it may not be 100% stable or work in your computer.

    We recommend that you perform a test to find out whether this feature is compatible with your computer or not. To test simply start playing a match and if you see a time stamp counting the seconds and minutes, that means that the recording is working.

    If you run into trouble contact and we’ll come to the rescue!

    Our LoL Recording Studio will detect when you start and end your League of Legends match. We encourage you to set up RiftAnalyst in such a way that you see YOUR Summoner in the ‘My Profile’ section. When you do this, and once you finish recording your LoL game, RiftAnalyst will automatically sync your match with the information from Riot’s API. This information will be shown in your Matches, you can then double click any of your matches and analyze them in more depth.

    At this moment, the LoL recorder for League of Legends is only available for this game, but we hope to bring it to more games soon.

  • Update in Matches section: Another difference you’ll see in this new version is that in the ‘Matches’ Tab, you’ll find two sections: Matches and Projects. Matches are all of those LoL recorded games in which YOU have participated, whereas Projects are other matches (yours or not) in which you’ve performed some sort of analysis. Remember that, in order for RiftAnalyst to detect your Matches, you need to put your Summoner name in the ‘My Profile’ tab.

  • Share you LoL game in Social media: Once you finish playing your match, and RiftAnalyst has synced it with the API data, it will automatically generate a playlist called ‘Highlights’ where you’ll find your Summoner’s best moments. The ‘Highlights’ playlist will include those events in which you where the protagonist, for example, killing an opponent, helping destroy a turret, etc. Render this playlist and share it on your Social Media channels to show off to your colleagues ;).

  • Export your matches to Excel: From now on, if you’re a Premium member, you’ll also have the capability of exporting your game stats to the .XLS format of Excel. You’ll see Champion Kills, Turets, Dragons, or any other event you tag manually, allowing you to perform a quantitative analysis of yourself or your team.

  • Improvements on the drawing map: This new version will also allow you to detach the mini map and draw on it. Indicate pathing, wards, or any other thing you believe it’s valuable to your strategy or your team’s.

  • Unlimited projects: The Freemium version of RiftAnalyst is no longer limited by the number of projects it is now limited by events, so you can analyze as many projects as you want, BUT you’ll be only able to visualize 10 manual events.
  • Other improvements: There are some other things we’ve fixed. They are minor but we’re sure you’ll have a better user experience.
    • You can change the order of your event groups in the category list and it will reflect on the timeline.
    • You don’t need to add a video to have access to the match data from Riot’s API.
    • We’ve added an onboarding tutorial that will help you to get started with RiftAnalyst.

This update wouldn’t have been possible without your feedback! So please, keep it coming! For any questions, suggestions or ideas send us an email to

Thanks and happy farming!

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